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Applications Open:
14 August 2023 – 15 October 2023



Applications for the 2024 intake open on August 14th, 2023.

When applying, all candidates must submit the following:

  1. A 5-minute video or a 800-word Statement of Intent
  2. An up-to-date copy of your resume

You must also send a reference check template to your referee for them to complete. Download HERE.

Before commencing your application, it is strongly recommended that you download and complete the practice application.

Be sure to read all of the application information below before visiting the application site at the bottom of the page.

Practice Participant Application

Download your practice application here: 2024 AGCAREERSTART Participant Practice Application

  • Statement of Intent

    This Statement of Intent will be used by the AgCAREERSTART team and potential employers to assess your suitability for a place in the program.   

    Your Statement of Intent can be in written or video form. It MUST be 800 words, or 5 minutes in length. 

    Your Statement of Intent should have your full name clearly visible, either in the document or in the file name. 

    There are a couple of key points that you should try to address in your statement, including:  

    • Tell us about the kind of person you are. Why are you a great candidate for the program?  
    • What interests you about farm work or working in agriculture?  
    • What unique skills or experience do you have to offer (this includes transferrable skills)?  
    • Tell us about the type of farm or placement you see yourself in. Please refer to the website for tips on thinking about what type of farm would suit you.   
    • What are you looking to get out of an AgCAREERSTART placement?  
    • Tell us about your long-term goals!  
    • Talk about any relevant experience or exposure you have with agriculture or farming. Don’t worry if you don’t!  

    Other things to think about:  

    • The Statement of Intent is the primary method through which you will be assessed for a position in the program and will influence your ultimate placement.   
    • It is a professional document, please ensure attention to detail.   
    • Feel free to be as creative as you wish with your Statement.  
    • Remember that your potential Host Farmer will read this application.   
    • Being too specific in your desired farm type or farm location may inhibit your ability to be placed.   
    • Good applications demonstrate that you have researched and thought about what the AgCAREERSTART program can offer you. 
    • It’s ok if you don’t have agricultural experience. Tell us about your other transferrable skills, community involvement, or other activities that you think your Host Farmer might be interested to know. 

    Your video can be in .mp4 format or supplied to us via a link. A written statement must be in .pdf format only.

  • Resume

    You will need to upload a copy of your resume. This will be viewed by Host Farmers, so make sure it is up to date and relevant. Make sure that your resume includes:

    • Correct contact information
    • Previous work experience
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Interests
  • Reference

    You are required to nominate a referee who will complete a written reference form as part of your application. Your referee cannot be a relation. Types of acceptable references include: school teachers, university lecturers, previous employers, sports coaches and community leaders. Your referee will be required to complete a written reference form, which they will email to the AgCAREERSTART team at The completed reference will be sent out to potential host farmers with your resume and statement of intent.

  • Other Application Information

    In your application, you will also be asked to consider the following questions:

    • Where would you be interested in working?You will have the opportunity to tell us where in Australia you would like to work, based on how far away from home you are willing to travel or move. Bear in mind that the more flexible you are to moving to a different geographical location, the greater the chance we will find you a farm match.
    • Which are your top preference industries to work in?Take some time to research the many different industries there are in agriculture. We will ask you to prioritise your top preference industries from the following: Grain, Cattle, Sheep/Wool, Dairy, Horticulture, Pork, Poultry, Cotton, Forestry, Cane, Viticulture, Aquaculture/Fisheries, Other livestock, Other specificThe AgCAREERSTART Team will do their best to place you in your top preference industries.
    • Would you be able to source your own accommodation if it is not provided by your host farm? Whilst many of our host farms supply accommodation with their placement, some may not. In this case, we need to know if you would be willing to source your own, such as rental accommodation, or staying with friends or family. Having this information helps us to match you with an appropriate farm.

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In order to give yourself the best chance of being matched with a host farm, we strongly encourage prompt response to any communications from the AgCAREERSTART team. Any delay may result in you missing out on a placement.

If have any questions about the application process, or need help with your submission, please contact

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