Your Placement


Once you’ve been matched with your host farm, it’s time to start thinking about what your AgCAREERSTART gap-year will have in store for you!


Once you’re on farm, it’s time to get to work. You’ll be working a full-time farm job and being paid accordingly. Participants should expect to work around 40+ hours per week, with fluctuations throughout the year, depending on the industry and season you’re in. When you’re on farm, you’ll report to your employer who will assign daily tasks, schedule your time off, and ultimately approve any activities you undertake on the AgCAREERSTART program.


All participants gain access to a $4500 Training and Engagement Bursary!

Use your Bursary to upskill yourself

Your Training and Engagement Bursary allows you to upskill yourself whilst on farm. You can obtain licences or qualifications via a course, workshop, industry resources, online or in person learning.

Here’s a list of some training other participants have completed on their gap-years:

  • Chemical Handling Certificate
  • First Aid Course
  • Forklift License
  • Certificate in Agriculture or Rural Operations
  • Low Stress Stock Handling
  • … and the list goes on!

You will develop an individualised Training Plan with the Training and Career Development Officer which will include training ideas and any goals you would like to work towards for a bright future in agriculture.

Use your Bursary to travel

In addition to training, you can use your Training and Engagement Bursary to attend industry events; including covering the costs associated with travel and accommodation.

Events can include, but are not limited to, field days, conferences, discussion days, study tours, etc. During your placement, the AgCAREERSTART team will provide information on different upcoming events that previous participants have attended.

Examples of events previous participants have attended:

  • Chemical Handling Certificate
  • Innovation Generation (Sydney)
  • HortConnections (Brisbane)
  • Evoke Ag (Adelaide)
  • Young Beef Producers Forum (Roma)
  • Dairy Conference (Hobart)
  • National Landcare Conference (Sydney)

Your welfare

The AgCAREERSTART team are always on hand to support you right the way through your placement. We have a dedicated AgCAREERSTART text and phone line so you can get in touch when you need us. You will have regular check-ins with both the Community Engagement Officer and the Training and Career Development Officer throughout the year. If you need anything, they’ve got your back!


One of the best things about AgCAREERSTART is the network of other young people you’ll get to make. With 100 participants across the country, you’re sure to meet someone with similar interests to you on the program.

Throughout the year, you’ll meet your peers at industry events and conferences, and online through our webinars and Facebook group.

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